Our Mental Health Services

Laurel Heights specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents with complex psychiatric and behavioral problems. In addition to treating patients with general psychiatric difficulties and trauma, Laurel Heights also has specialty mental health programs for children with co-occurring neurodevelopmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our services are offered within several separate programs including:

  • Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Program: Serving ages 7 – 17 in psychiatric crisis for children & adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Intensive Residential Treatment Program: Offering a Child Mental Health Program, serving children ages 7 -12, and an Adolescent Program, serving teens, ages 13 -17 (ages 18 – 21 considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Discovery Program: Specialized residential treatment for ages 6 and older combining psychiatric treatment, behavior analytic interventions and strategies to encourage positive behavior and communication.
  • TRICARE®-Certified Adolescent Boys Program: Serving adolescent boys, ages 13-17, with a broad range of psychiatric and behavioral difficulties while supporting military families in-person or long-distance for family sessions.
  • Laurel Heights Academy: Accredited school by GA Board of Education and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) with certified Special Education Teachers supporting academic needs of all residential patients.
  • Specialized Foster Care Program: Providing boys and girls ages 4-17 with emotional or behavioral difficulties an opportunity to live within the community in the naturally therapeutic environment of a family.

Within each campus program, services are provided by a multidisciplinary team, and include:

    • Psychiatric Services by Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists
    • Nursing Care and medication management
    • Crisis Stabilization
    • Individual, Family and Group Therapy
    • Specialized groups addressing trauma, substance abuse and sexual reactivity
    • Recreation/Expressive Therapy
    • Psychological Evaluation
    • Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Support
    • Applied Behavioral Analysis
    • Educational Program staffed with certified teachers
    • Transition and Discharge Planning